Waubra Wind Farm

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Over the past two years i have been photographing something a little different. I started this project in September 2008 during instillation of the Waubra Wind Farm. The Waubra Wind Farm Project is located in Waubra, approximately 35kms North West of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia and is the largest renewable power project in the Southern Hemisphere. The Waubra Wind Farm comprises 128 wind turbines. For me this folio was the opposite of what I have traditional photographed which is nature’s impact on the landscape and pristine Wilderness. My aim with this folio was not only to show the influence the turbines have had on the landscape but also to show how the farming community have accepted them into their working lives.

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  1. I really like to see wind turbines in the landscape. on the last years Portugal and Spain have been putting them up but mostly in barren land. find these series of photos in black and white where they're implanted in the middle of working fields very interesting.

  2. hello. i like your photo mr.haskins . oh yeah sir i dunno how to do my work cause im dumb.

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