Winter on the Bogong High plains

Ian and I spent five days walking from Bogong Village up onto the Bogong High Plains. We spent the first nigh at Bogong Jacks hut then over The Fainters to Tawonga hut. The first two days were quite challenging with deep snow and Heavy pack but the weather was perfect with crystal clear sky’s. From Tawonga hut we moved on to Cope hut for the night meeting a group of students from the Rover Scouts. In the morning we made our way to Kellys Hut of an hour visit and then on to Edmundsen Hut. Our last day was spent walking back to Bogong Village with a few incidents, first we tried a short cut which added an extra hour to
the day. Second both Ian’s snowshoes broke which we had to repair with some string and ties. Finally the descent was incredibly steep and once we got below the snow line we were hindered by fallen trees and a river crossing. The Journey was an amazing venture into a winter wonderland.

Here are some of the images from the trip.

Black Saturday the Victorian Bushfires

Over the past month I been photographing some of the worst effected areas of the Bushfires. These include Kinglake, Kinglake West, Marrysville and Lake Mountain. I was amazed to see how the landscape was effected by the fires and how quickly the environment was regenerating.

Bogong High Plains

2009 has come around rather fast which means a walk in the Victorian Alps. From 4th Jan to 9th Jan Ian and I spent 4 days walking in the heat of the Bogong High Plains. Spent most of my time photographing with Black and White film as the days were bright with a lot of contrast.

It was nice to be walking and looking for images again and experiencing the huts of Victorian high country. In a way it was a frustrating trip as all four days were hot and sunny. This meant trying not to get burnt and waiting for the sun to fall far enough to decrease to the contrast of the Australian sun. While the images were limited i was able to capture some images which were successful in illustrating how it felt to be in such a special part of Victoria.

Mt Feathertop

Spent two days photographing at Mount Feathertop and a further two days on Great Ocean Road

Mt Everest Base Camp

The following images are from my most recent trip to Nepal where we spent 5 week. The images were made during our 15 day walking trip to Mt Everest Base camp.

Western Arthur’s – South West Tasmania

Ian and I spent 8 days photographing on the Western Arthur’s from 14 Jan to 22 Jan. This has got to be one of the most untouched piece of of Wilderness and by far my favourite part of South West Tasmania. The weather was typical of the South West with beautiful sunsets to rain, strong winds and below freezing conditions. For a photographer perfect conditions to capture the mystery of the Arthur’s

Kosciuszko Main Range

From the 24th to 29th of September Ian and I spent five days photographing Koscuiuszko’s Main Range. Here are some of the images from the trip.

Mt Bogong 07/09/07 to 10/09/07

Ian and I spent 3 days photographing around Mt Bogong. We had stunning weather with an amazing sunset. Spent two nights camping at Cleve Cole hut and met some hospitable people from Bogong Ski Club. Also we made a side trip to Howmans Falls and its many cascades. Here are some of the images captured during the trip.

Mt Baw Baw 18/08/07

Spent a cold night camped on Mt Erica near the old Hut ruin with Ian . We awoke to a crisp morning with a spectacular sunrise and seventy centimeters of snow covering the summit.

Overland Track in winter

From 30 June to 9 July 2007 we spent an amazing time walking and photographing the Overland track in Tasmania. A great trip Thanks Anne and Ian for the company and evenings of cheating scrabble.