scott haskins photography

fine art photography

Artist statement.


You could say my work is about the culmination of the journey, the interlude between looking and walking. I feel alien when my feet are not on the ground…disoriented, detached. It is the walking that solidifies my relationship with the land. For me the journey is important, without the journey the image doesn't exist.

The process of walking within the landscape, in isolation is what gives me the energy to create the pictures. In order to see the images, I need to feel integrated with my surroundings. This brings me back to where I belong, forgetting about the distractions of the city, transporting me back to creativity, where I see the land in colour, tones and forms.

There is an insecurity and power inherent in nature and this is what I experience when making photographs. The longer the walk, the more in touch I feel with the land, the more my senses are heightened and acute. The longer the walk, the better the images become because my sight becomes attuned to the subtle details nature presents.

When I finish a walk I am not tired, but invigorated and the pressures of the world are back on. I feel sad and alone as the journey ends and the creativity stops. Looking at my images on the wall is totally different to how I imagine the viewer sees my work. I see my work through the journey, without the journey the work is meaningless.

I have walked through each picture and stopped to record the direction of my experience. Carrying the pressures of the city are heavier than carrying a pack full of food and camera for 10 days. The journey for me is personal and secret, the viewer sees only a representation of reality and I see a three dimensional experience.