New Book

The 365 Day Experiment has now been developed into a fantastic book. I have produced a 226 Page book that contains all the images from the experiment. Over the last two months I have been working on the design and layout of the book which has culminated in a exciting softcover coffee table book. The cost of the book is $75.84 plus postage and handling.

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365 Day Experiment has ended

Originally the inception for the experiment started with a change in our lives with the birth of our son. With each walk made came with it a number of images, which culminated in a single image, which encapsulated the daily journey. The hardest part of the 365 day experiment was making the decision about which image would represent the day.

I would like to thank my lovely supportive wife Anne who reluctantly become my chief editor and motivator. Also to Stefan Raabe for believing in the project and making an amazing documentary which not only showed my relationship with my son but also my love for photography. Finally I would like to thank my son Edmund for accompanying me on the walks and who was the inspiration for me embarking on this experiment.

My next project will be to publish a book containing all the images from the 365 Day Experiment. I hope to have the book completed by March 2012. If you would like to keep up to date with news regarding the book  please subscribe to my website email:

If you have not seen the documentary made by Stefan Raabe  called ‘Today Is This‘ follow the link:


365 Degree Observation

31st December 2011



30th December 2011

The Fat Controller

29th December 2011


Steam Train Maintenance

28th december 2011

Legs 11

27th December 2011

Flag And Fella

26th December 2011


World War Two Bunker

25th December 2011

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