Winter on the Bogong High plains

Ian and I spent five days walking from Bogong Village up onto the Bogong High Plains. We spent the first nigh at Bogong Jacks hut then over The Fainters to Tawonga hut. The first two days were quite challenging with deep snow and Heavy pack but the weather was perfect with crystal clear sky’s. From Tawonga hut we moved on to Cope hut for the night meeting a group of students from the Rover Scouts. In the morning we made our way to Kellys Hut of an hour visit and then on to Edmundsen Hut. Our last day was spent walking back to Bogong Village with a few incidents, first we tried a short cut which added an extra hour to
the day. Second both Ian’s snowshoes broke which we had to repair with some string and ties. Finally the descent was incredibly steep and once we got below the snow line we were hindered by fallen trees and a river crossing. The Journey was an amazing venture into a winter wonderland.

Here are some of the images from the trip.

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