The Fotress

Spent three days walking in the Grampians National Park from the 21 September to 23 September 2009. We arrived on Monday to some strong winds and possible showers and thunderstorms. The first day we spent walking from Deep creek to Western cave not a hard walk with a uphill section to the top and down into a gully to the camp spot. We had the campsite to ourselves until a school group from Adelaide arrived and a group of boys who had lost two friends on the way. They were not eager to find them which was quite a concern. During the evening it rained, we awoke to heavy mist and light rain. We spent an hour walking in the mist until we reached the Eastern cave where we stopped to take some images in the heavy mist. From the top we descended on four wheel drive track until we reached Mt Thackeray campsite. After collecting water and having some lunch we headed up Mt Thackeray for a great afternoon with good weather and amazing views of the Southern Grampians. We even spotted a pair of Wedged tail eagles flying over Mt Thackeray. That evening it rained for most of the night, the morning was filled with heavy winds and light showers. The walk was a 15km hike back to the car with some steep descending and a few river crossing. An enjoyable trip thanks Brett.

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